Real American Roots Music for Kids

“Mixing bluegrass, blues, and a spoonful of rock and roll, Pierson crafts songs that celebrate … just the pure joy of being a kid.” – Parents’ Choice® Awards review of Jambo’s Lucy’s Parade

“Bandleader Steve Pierson, a blues guitarist, has a knack for writing the happiest blues-inflected tunes you’ll ever hear.” – Stefan Shepherd, Zooglobble

LOS ANGELES (Nov. 28, 2012) – Parents’ Choice® award winning independent musician Steve Pierson and his powerhouse band Jambo are on a mission to bring real American roots music to kids. Jambo looks forward with pride to the February 12 release of their second, roots-based studio CD, Hootenanny.

One part Mississippi Delta, one part New Orleans street corner, and one part Chicago juke joint, Jambo is known for its funky, feel-good grooves, outstanding musicianship, and dynamic, kid-friendly, positive songs.

Co-produced by Jambo’s creator (and former Blues Head front man) Steve Pierson and Grammy® nominee Tor Hyams, Hootenanny features fourteen Steve Pierson originals. Notes Steve, “I wrote two kinds of songs for Hootenanny: full blown band tracks and what I call ‘back porch’ tracks. I really wanted to mix up styles and give listeners a taste of different instruments and different kinds of songs. As a guitarist, I also wanted to play with different guitar sounds. I ended up using at least ten different guitars on this album!”