Music for Aardvarks
and Other Mammals

“The songs are about subways, elevators, taxis, playdates, and other realities of a city kid’s life… Like great children’s books or films, they seem to work for both grownups and children.” – New York Daily News

What exactly is David Weinstone’s Music for Aardvarks and Other Mammals? We thought you’d never ask …

Music for Aardvarks is a multi-faceted world of musical adventures created by classically trained ex-punk rocker, David Weinstone. It’s rocking live performances by David Weinstone and The Music for Aardvarks Band. It’s music videos airing regularly on the Noggin channel’s Jack’s Big Music Show. It’s CDs that are grounded in real life, yet hip, with songs like Taxi, Bagel, Play Date, and Subway – celebrating childhood without hype or straining to be different for the sake of being different. And speaking of hip, it’s also the hippest music class on the planet, love child of punk and preschool, hailed by notables from Philip Glass to Sonic Youth.

Celebrities whose little ones have enjoyed MFA classes also include Jon Stewart, Helen Hunt and John Leguizamo, as well as members of Phish and the Beastie Boys. What draws them to Music for Aardvarks is a deep appreciation, love and respect for an urbane, sophisticated approach to music of any genre, coupled with a nurturing, parental desire to offer their little ones songs of life as lived by city kids. David Weinstone’s music reflects and celebrates the lives of children growing up in urban environments, while addressing themes universal to children everywhere.

“Rocker David Weinstone is music to the ears of toddlers and their grateful parents… With its topical song subjects and dizzying range of musical styles, Aardvarks has become something of a cult phenomenon among New York City hipsters. And the one-man operation, along with the CDs it is based on, is gaining converts across the country.” – Time magazine

Photos by Michelle Caillas and Andrew Walker