Riff Rockit

Riff Rockit now features a one of a kind puppet band designed and created in collaboration with the incredible team at Swazzle. With credits spanning the likes of The Simpsons, The Pee-Wee Herman Broadway Show, Sprout (PBS Kids), and more! Riff’s rockin’ musical puppets will have you smiling, laughing, and singing along in no time. Riff Rockit, the high energy rockin’ “kindie” artist is once again leading the way in children’s entertainment. Come meet the band!

Who is Riff Rockit?
Riff Rockit was destined to be a rock star. The rambunctious rocker was born to musical parents and by his first birthday he was clapping along to whatever cool tunes mom and dad played. By age 3, he was singing along to the radio and by age 10, he picked up a six-string guitar and never looked back.

Music was the one thing that always put a smile on the precocious child’s face. It was something magical that helped him get over his childhood fears of the dark and help him escape the wrath of a bully that made him stutter in grade school. “Rock and roll always had the ability to put me in a good mood, especially if I was having a rough day,” says the twenty-something musician. “But it also gave me the confidence to just go for it without any fear or hesitation.”

Key Riff Rockit songs include: “Hero” (about how simply being good is a heroic thing to do), “Nightlight” (which references his long-gone fear of the dark), “Alphabet Rock” (which teaches the alphabet in a rockin’ way), “Pearly Whites” (which encourages kids to floss), “Rock with Me” (which Riff says epitomizes what he wants the Riff Rockit concert experience to be like – a rockin’ fun time), and “What Was That?” (a funny ditty about the strange things and noises kids ask about).

“I just want to make music that makes kids happy and also teaches them a thing or two in the process,” adds Riff.

The Creative Team:

Evan Michael, a.k.a. Riff Rockit
Evan Michael got into music for the right reasons. Where most twenty-something rock and rollers set their sights on lavish lifestyles and the not-so-altruistic perks of their profession, the Fort Lauderdale, Florida raised singer-songwriter is doing it to inspire, educate and uplift children under the alter ego of Riff Rockit.

“My music is educational rhymes for rocking good times,” says Evan, who was first introduced to music through his hip mom and MTV videos before picking up the guitar at age 10. “There isn’t a lot of kids’ music that is cool, and kids today are cool. I want them to have fun and have fun with their parents at the same time. It’s music for the whole family, especially for the generation of parents having kids today who can really relate to good rock music. And while it does rock out, I also get to sneak a few good ideas into their brains too, with songs that carry positive messages about being kind, making the right choices, and staying healthy.”

The idea for Riff Rockit, which is part of the growing musical genre called “kindie rock,” started when Evan was holed up in children’s hospitals as a kid fighting Acute Myeloid Leukemia. After he was initially diagnosed with the most aggressive form of the disease, he underwent chemotherapy only to have it return two years later, requiring him to get a bone marrow transplant. Today, he is cancer free and has set his sights on entertaining and inspiring kids.

“When I was in the hospital the second time, music was practically part of my treatment because I had to be isolated from people until my immune system got stronger,” explains Evan, who has a songwriting degree from Berklee College of Music in Boston. “I spent a lot of time listening to everything from Billy Joel to Michael Jackson to Huey Lewis and it really helped me get through a tough time. That’s when I decided I wanted to pursue music, so I just started writing and playing and haven’t stopped since.”

“Hero” is one song that best sums up the inspirational message behind Riff Rockit. The song was initially written as a thank you to his bone marrow donor, but has since evolved into a message about how you don’t need to save someone’s life to be a hero. The simple act of kindness and being good is just as heroic. As the song goes, “Sharing a smile is the perfect way to start / It’s all about what’s in your heart.”

“I just want to inspire and educate kids in a cool way and have a lot of fun doing it. I guess I’m just a big kid myself.” adds Evan.

Bob St. John, Riff Rockit’s Producer and Engineer
With 25 years as an internationally recognized, award winning engineer and sound mixer, Bob St. John is the recipient of over 40 gold and platinum awards, as well as numerous Grammy, Billboard and Dove awards and nominations.

Bob is best known for his mixing/engineering and production work with such multi-platinum acts as iconic ’80s band Duran Duran, late ’80s/early ’90s funk-rock band, Extreme and ’90s/’00s pop-rock hitmakers, Collective Soul. He has also worked with such Latin acts as Bacilos, which garnered him both Latin Grammy and Grammy Awards wins, and Black: Guayaba, for which he won a Latin Grammy award; as well as Latin Christian acts, such as Julissa, Rene Gonzalez, Marcos Vidal and Roberto Orellana.

Mastering many genres of music, Bob has skillfully expanded his musical horizons from rock and pop to Latin and Christian to the fun, edgy and parent-friendly “kindie rock” sound of Riff Rockit.

Riff Rockit and Doggie Doodles Productions, LLC support the following charities: Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital in Florida, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, and Canine Assistants to help children and adults as well.